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Those on the wall below have made donations or become patrons for a little as $1 or £1 a month. 

Heading 2

Mary Napier Hundt
Helen Louise
Betsy Leniham
Nick Pond
Sonia Hammons
Jeff Howard
Chantal Sencier
Lisa Andrews
Caroline Smith-Dance
Rachel Kelly
Caroline Odile
Claire McCuaig
Kimberly Kopacz
Phil & Val Weaving
Danielle Lower
Christine Harrison
Jennifer Maleta
Georgina Humphrey
Kris Alex
Christine Soar 
Lou Earp
Dennis Le Couilliard
Sarah Williamson
Beverley Petch
Adrian Luke
Greg Larcombe
Tina Oliver-Anderson
Bryony Van der Merwe
Donna Hinett
Laura Cooper
Jeff Howard
Kimberley Kopacz
David Beauchamp
Integrity Trading
Evelyn Rogers
Elaine Westley
Dean Mills
Anonymous x 3
Victoria McGarry
Reid daSilva
Suzanne Osborne
Helena Dahlen
Sue Hicks
Bronwyn Jane
Anderson Stockdale
Alice Duncanson
Mari-Laura Hyde
Anna Wickham
Christine Thorn
Eduardo Rossi Fernandes
Sarah Jennings
Jeanette Wood
Gretchen Bedell
Mo Morgan
Sharron Collins
Lesa Hoffman
Simon Gray
Sue Hicks
Lesa Hoffman
Shaun Howard
Hayley Brit
Jennifer Keller
Maura Keaney
Michelle Miller
Kathleen McClellan
Victoria            Morin-Adeline 
Bev Rose
      Mary Mowers             
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